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Kurt Creager:
Urbanist Solutions LLC principal and proposed prime contractor, has over 30 years of professional experience in planning, development, finance and construction of housing. Over the course of his career, Creager has planned, financed and/or developed more than 10,000 dwellings. Significant commercial retail and hospitality construction and development also is part of his career accomplishments.

This body of work includes extensive mixed income and affordable housing, community development and mixed use project management, finance and development work in Washington State including throughout King County.

Since 2006, his work has expanded to include urban areas throughout the Southwest primarily Phoenix and Los Angeles and ranges from urban high rise mixed use construction to large scale urban redevelopment of public housing communities into balanced, sustainable and ethnically and economically diverse communities.

For the past ten (10) years urban mixed use, mixed income affordable housing development has been the focus of Creager’s professional practice. Recent and existing work in progress is highlighted below to give the evaluation team a cross section of his body of professional work. For space reasons, is not exhaustive in detail. Additional information on any aspect of Creager’s career is available upon request.

1) Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles (HACLA):
Urbanist Solutions has been retained to provide financial advisory and development services to HACLA's Finance and Development Departments since February 2008. Deliverables include a Housing Acquisition Policy which the HACLA Board of Commissioners enacted July 23, 2008. Urbanist Solutions also assisted HACLA's Finance Department by evaluating their entire portfolio of mixed finance developments undertaken in prior years. Cash flow analysis and an evaluation of compliance with regulatory agreements, leasehold investment and participation agreements was also accomplished. Reports were presented to management who has taken necessary and appropriate action to improve agency and partner performance. Moving ahead with an ambitious redevelopment program, Urbanist Solutions is assisting HACLA with development finance services related to the redevelopment of Jordan Downs, a 700 unit public neighborhood in Watts into a 2,100 unit mixed income community including significant employment and community facilities.

Contact: Larry Goins, Director of Development (213) 252-2680.

2) The Housing Authority of the County of San Bernardino (HACSB):
Urbanist Solutions has provided professional services to the Management and Development Department at the HACSB since December, 2008. HACSB serves the largest (by area) urban county in the United States of America. Specific technical and/or professional services relates to the implementation of a public housing redevelopment project in Redlands, California including contract negotiation, deal structuring and financial analysis. Scoping has begun in relation to a public housing redevelopment in San Bernardino, California.

Contact: Gus Joslin, Deputy Director (909) 890-0644.

3) Coblake Investments:
Urbanist Solutions provided professional services from November 2007 to February 2008 on a fee basis to this California Corporation which owns over 15 contiguous acres in Scottsdale, Arizona. The purpose of the engagement was to redevelop the property into a 605 unit mixed tenure/mixed income property.
Status: Due to foreclosures and beginning in June 2009, this project is the subject of a pending Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP2) application for $99,682,000 tendered by the Housing Authority of Maricopa County, Arizona. Creager has provided professional services to HAMC through Arizona State University, as an in-house expert in housing development finance. He prepared preliminary proformas, and worked with City and County officials to gain support for the 605 Unit redevelopment project.

Raymond Eshaghian, President (213) 235-4222.
James Ridgeway, Owner’s Representative (602) 430-7025.

4) City of Phoenix Housing Department:
This engagement is to assist the nation’s fifth largest city develop a sustainable transit oriented housing and community development project in the Downtown Phoenix area served by Light Rail Transit (LRT). Services are provided by Creager through Arizona State University where he is Executive Director of the ASU Stardust Center, an affordable housing institute.

Contact: Kim Dorney, Phoenix Housing Department Director (602) 261-8954.

5) Housing Authority of Maricopa County:
Services include strategic planning, technical assistance and training as well as development services. HAMC is the regional affordable housing serving the Phoenix-Scottsdale-Mesa metropolitan statistical area. This engagement includes redevelopment planning and program development for the Coffelt-Lameroux Public Housing Community in Phoenix consisting of 300 dwellings and the Holiday Park Neighborhood Revitalization of 256 foreclosed rental properties on 16 acres in Scottsdale.

Contact: Doug Lingner, Executive Director, HAMC (602) 432-6551.

6) Hayden Canyon Land LLC:
This is a sustainable traditional neighborhood development on 680 acres located in North Idaho is being developed by an equity fund based in Philadelphia and a local managing member who is the project architect. A total of 1,800 homes are planned and about 200 will be affordable for rent and for sale to essential public workers earning between 60% and 140% of the median income.
The subject property was annexed to the Town of Hayden Lake in September, 2008. Urbanist Solutions provided housing unit mix scenarios and alternative mechanisms for consideration by the development team and was available to serve as an expert witness during the annexation proceedings. The contract with Hayden Canyon Land LLC enables the developer to deploy Urbanist Solutions to raise the necessary debt and equity financing to build the affordable units in three phases when they are ready to proceed.

Contact: Glen Lanker, Managing Partner (509) 993-4040.

7) Silicon Valley Advisors LLC:
This California Corporation has engaged Urbanist Housing Solutions LLC to develop a prototypical proforma for live work housing to spark retail and revitalization in the City of Avondale, Arizona. SVA is a retail developer under contract to Avondale and they, in turn, have asked UHS to assist with the project. Deliverables were completed in May, 2008.

Ruth Clark, City of Avondale (623) 333-2724.
Pete Carrillo, President, SVA (408) 999-7355.

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